Prophecy Weekly: April 22-28, 2018

Prophecy Weekly HeaderThis week’s Prophecy Weekly does NOT include a link to address the Bill Cosby Case.  The media has been saturated with news about “America’s Dad”, a role model being convicted of sexual assault.  Meanwhile,”religious leaders” who are supposed “role models” sexually abusing CHILDREN has gone mostly unaddressed in the mainstream media.

This week alone, you can find over 15 different instances of abuse scandals.  India has taken the step to impose the death penalty for child rapists.  The rest of the world should follow suit!  The mainstream media needs to start covering these “false prophets” with just as much air-time as one washed-up comedian.

Extreme Weather

In other news, a dormant volcano has erupted after 250 years.  In India, 36,000 lightning strikes occurred in 13 hours, therefore breaking a record!  Landslides and floods hamper volcano relief efforts.


Protests are occurring around the globe.  These gatherings are the sea of people roaring just as prophesied in Luke!  Here are a few from this weeks news:

  • Armenia
  • Spain
  • Pakistan
  • Nicaragua

“And there shall be… upon the earth distress of nations, with perplexity; the sea and the waves roaring (protests).”  Luke 21:25


Violence in Israel and Kabul made the news, but there are ongoing wars throughout the world.  Remember, God destroyed the earth the first time due to violence!

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