042 The Messianic Kingdom

What is the Messianic Kingdom? What does Messiah or Messianic mean? Who is in the Messianic Kingdom? Who rules the Messianic Kingdom? Did you know there is actually a man shadowed in the Moon? Who is the Messenger of the covenant? When is the Messianic age? Tomorrow is June 24th, did you know that the numbers (6 x 24 = 144) represent both the man and the kingdom of the Messiah?

In this podcast you will find the answers to these questions and many more.

Topics covered in this PodCast are:
00:00 Introduction
01:47 Messianic Kingdom
23:37 Man in the Moon
43:17 Messenger of the Covenant
1:04:11 Messianic Age
1:27:57 Discussion

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