Prophecy Weekly: February 4-10, 2018

Prophecy Weekly HeaderIn this week’s Prophecy Weekly, false prophets that abuse children dominate the headlines.  The Church of England is facing 3,300 allegations of abuse and a Rabbi is jailed for abuse.  Meanwhile, the Pope is lying about what he knew regarding Chilean abuse allegations.  A Catholic mission in Ireland covered up for an accused priest working with children while taking taxpayers money!  On other fronts, the season of Greek and Roman pagan debauchery has kicked off with the Olympics in South Korea (see video) and Carnival in Brazil.

In other news, the US military became a hot topic.  Trump’s expanded military budget will put the country further into debt.  At the same time, he has requested a military parade to show of the might of the US military.  In the bible, there is a character that leans on his military might.  Click on each box below to learn more!