Is Easter Holy?

Is Easter a true holiday, or holy day, in the eyes of God?  The majority of those calling themselves “Christian” think that they practice the customs of Easter in order to worship God; however, they are dead wrong.

Many were brought up to believe that Easter is a magical day celebrating Jesus’ resurrection, which involved painted eggs, the Easter Bunny, and hot cross buns.  It might spoil the fun, but every tradition surrounding Easter has its roots in paganism and, in reality, has nothing to do with Jesus at all.  In fact, if one looks up “Easter” in the dictionary, they will find the word “pagan” in the definition somewhere.  For example, Webster’s defines Easter as “originally a pagan festival in honor of the Goddess of Spring, Eastre, held in April”.

The KJV has translated pascha as “Easter” in Acts 12:4 when, in fact, it’s “Passover.”  Why would this happen?  Who and for what motive would purposely mistranslate the Word of God?  Why would someone call themselves “Christian” (a follower of Christ) when in fact they follow someone else?

The celebration of Easter bears a striking resemblance to the spring fertility worship of Babylon.  They worshipped Tammuz, who was of a virgin birth and was also called the “Lord of Resurrection” and the “Redeemer of Mankind.”  This was happening before Jesus was even born!  And the seemingly innocent customs such as painted eggs, the Easter Bunny, and hot cross buns are dripping with paganism as well:

  • Eggs and rabbits have long been used as symbols of fertility for reverencing the goddess of fertility, Asherah/Ishtar.
  • Hot cross buns originate before Jesus and were a symbol of the sun god worshiped on Sunday! God says that He was provoked to anger because people made cakes to the queen of heaven (a goddess of fertility) (see Jer 7:18-20).  In Ezek 8:15-16, God refers to a sunrise service as a great abomination.

People are doing the same traditions now while claiming to celebrate the rebirth of Jesus, but Jesus would be outraged at these things, as is God.  The Catholic Catechism calls Easter the “Feast of Feasts” and is the holiest day of the Christian calendar, when every Easter custom is rooted in paganism.  That is blatant transgression, sin, and hypocrisy against the God of Israel!

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