033 In the Last Days 7

With all the turmoil in the World today, are we in the Last days? The short answer is yes… but how do we know? This series of PodCasts will make it absolutely clear what time it is! We will also show you who the people of God are, what the people of God should be doing… and equally important, what they should not be doing.

What happened before the Passover and how does that relate to today? Why are there two Sacrificial Lambs in the Law? Who do the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse represent? Did you know that the Four Horsemen are already here? What do the Dead Sea Scrolls say about the Last Days? How does the Day of the LORD relate to the Passover?

In this podcast you will find the answers to these questions and many more.

Topics covered in this PodCast are:
00:00 Introduction
02:05 Before the Passover
23:02 Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse
46:18 Two Lambs of God
1:11:47 Dead Sea Scrolls – Midrash on the Last Days
1:23:34 Passover – Day of the Lord
1:45:04 Discussion

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002 The Sabbath of the Lord

In this PodCast we will be discussing the Sabbath of the Lord.

Most of Christianity believe it is Sunday, some believe it is Saturday, yet neither of these is correct.
In this video we will explain what and when the Sabbath of the Lord is and how to keep it. You may be surprised to find out that it is not a day of the week.

A Brief History of Easter and Passover

Passover vs. Easter

Most “Christians” today celebrate Easter as the day commemorating the resurrection of Jesus. However, early followers of Jesus would not have recognized or celebrated Easter. There is no reference in scripture to the observance of a holiday (Holy Day) to commemorate the “resurrection” of Jesus.

So, Where did Easter come from and how did it get incorporated into today’s “Christianity?”

Time of the Passover

Two major holidays are celebrated this April, Passover and Easter. One has to do with Y’hoshua (Jesus), while the other does not. But it’s not the one you think.

The Book Of Exodus

Passover is the time when Jews remember the “passing over” of the plague in Egypt on the night prior to their exodus out of Egypt. Easter and the associated “Maunday Thursday” and “Good Friday” are a Christian celebration of the death of Y’hoshua. Which one actually has something to do with Y’hoshua? Which one did he acknowledge?

A Forced Sabbath

The World has suddenly come to a screeching halt. The population is taking a ‘forced sabbath’, or rest, due to Coronavirus containment efforts. As of March 24th, 2020, a third of the World’s population, or three Billion people, are under virus related ‘shelter-in-place’ limits. Citizens around the world have been forced to take a step back from the ‘go-go-go’ mentality. The new directive is to hunker-down at home. Welcome to the forced sabbath.

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