Jesus wouldn’t know “Jesus”!

Many people think that Jesus is coming back to save them, and they make prayers to “Jesus” daily.  It might come as a surprise to these people that Jesus wouldn’t even know “Jesus.”  If he were to return in the flesh, he would not even respond to the name “Jesus.”  His name was, in fact, Y’hoshua, pronounced Ya-ho’-shua, and the changing of his name to Jesus was a very unrighteous act.

Some might respond to this fact by saying that he is called Jesus merely because of transliteration from Greek to English.  However, this type of argument is in complete error.  The Greek name, Iesous, or Jesus, was assigned to Y’hoshua by those who translated the New Testament into Greek.  The words of Y’hoshua and the Apostles were originally spoken and written in Aramaic, a language much more similar to Hebrew than Greek.  In his day, Jesus Christ would have been referred to as Y’hoshua HaMashiyach (meaning simply “Y’hoshua the Messiah/Anointed”) rather than Iesous Christos, as the Greeks would have him called.  So, why “Jesus” then?  The answer lies in Greek mythology…

The true reason for the assignment of the name “Jesus” to Y’hoshua is much more deceptive than a simple transliteration/mispronunciation.  Far from the actual written and spoken name of Y’hoshua, the Greek name given to Y’hoshua by those who claim to represent God and “Jesus” was Iesous, pronounced Ee-ay-sooce’.  This name was actually given to Y’hoshua as a slight variation of Zeus, the “Father of the Gods.”  This was nothing more than an attempt by pagans to graft the name of their god onto the name of a Son of God, a very unrighteous act indeed.  In order to make the transition from complete paganism to “Christianity,” the translators of the Bible (who were FAR from being “Christian,” or ”followers of Christ”) decided to give the Savior of the New Testament a name that was similar to the name of a popular god at the time.  The same was done with old statues of Zeus – after replacing the worship of Zeus with the worship of “Jesus Christ,” the old statues were “sanctified” by unrighteous men to be images of “Jesus”/”Ie-Zeus.”  Men that claim to represent God and His Son have changed the Name of the Father into a lie, changed the name of His Son into a pagan god, and deceived people into thinking that their pagan idols are images representing God (serving their own creation rather than the Creator).

So, is God, or Y’hoshua, really listening to all of those prayers that are made to “the Lord Jesus”?  Does He care that you accept “Jesus” as your personal savior?  Would a man respond to the wishes of his disciples if they were calling him by the name of someone hated by his father?  No, he wouldn’t, neither will God acknowledge the prayers of those who are engulfed in paganism.

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