King James (KJV) Bible for America

In the recently published  Guardian’s list of the 100 best non-fiction books, the King James Bible comes in right under the wire at the 100 spot!  Amazing! The English-speaking, Anglo-Saxon peoples on both sides of the pond are enamored with the King James Version (KJV) of the Bible. And why not? It’s their heritage! In fact the Bible is the best-selling and most widely distributed book of all time. Jerome’s Catholic Vulgate version was the first to be printed on the Gutenberg printing press introduced into the “Holy Roman Empire” around 1440 AD. It actually put the axe to the roots of Roman Catholicism since it has nothing to do with idolatrous Rome. The authorized King James Version was published in 1611 AD addressed to God’s people, the descendants of Israel. Many people have lost their lives and had unspeakable things done to them (i.e. The Inquisition) over this book throughout history.

Catholic priests burned all book of "heretics"
Catholic priests burning the books of the Cathari

The article states: “The first New England settlements always championed the use of the Geneva Bible, a text that appealed to separatist congregations. However, by a remarkable paradox, towards the end of the 17th century, the King James Bible had come to be treasured as much by Americans as by the British.”

To hear the complete story of how the English Bible came to be, click here for an informative video presented by The Firmament titled, “Origins of the Bible.”

Great Britain and USA are the decendants of the House of Israel
Manasseh and Ephraim, sons of Joseph

There is a great multitude of idioms, phrases and stories used by English-speaking people whose source is the King James Version (KJV).

The "One whose right it is to reign" will pull the sword out without effort
“The Sword in the Stone” is a story based on God’s Word

Ephraim and Manasseh in the KJV

To say the King James Bible is “treasured as much by Americans as by the British” is a telling statement when you consider that the people of the nation of Great Britain is Manasseh and their brethren, the people of the nation of America is Ephraim, the twin sons of Joseph, son of Israel. They’re spoken of in chapter 48 of Genesis where Israel said the younger would become greater than the elder. It reiterates in 1 Chronicles 5:1-2 that the “birthright was given to the sons of Joseph.” Those who wake up to it will be in awe!

Jacob put his right hand on Ephraim (Gen 48:19-20 KJV)
Israel blessing Joseph’s sons, Ephraim and Manasseh

Joseph in the KJV

You might remember Joseph. Many plays and stories have been told about him and his famous “technicolor dream coat.” He was the son of Jacob, the son of Isaac, the son of Abraham, known as the “friend of God” to whom God made His promises.  Joseph’s brothers sold him into Egypt where he went and became the right hand man to Pharaoh because he interpreted Pharaoh’s dream about the impending famine and thereby stored up provisions to feed everyone. He was a hero in his time! Everyone loved him, but after he died the new Pharaoh forgot what he had done for them and proceeded to put his people, Israel, into economic bondage of building up their defenses against a fabricated enemy. Sound familiar? It should! The 2018 Defense Budget signed into law on December 12, 2017 by President Trump is just under $700 billion. The National Debt is now more than $21 trillion.

History of the KJV Repeats Itself

Trump’s National Security strategy for the U.S. in 2018 is “achieving peace through strength” by “applying the entire portfolio of U.S. military, economic, cyber, space, intelligence, and diplomatic capabilities.” Furthermore, “There is an insistence on the imperative of U.S. global leadership, using all elements of power but especially military…” This all makes him sound incredibly like the Egyptian Pharaoh of old. “Might makes right” is a fallacy.

God said "Do not return to the ways of Egypt"
Pharaoh in Battle

Let this be a Lesson!

Remember what God did in the days of Noah? Only Noah and those in the Ark with him were saved from the Deluge that came and took away all wickedness from the face of the earth. Remember what God did to Pharaoh!? Only Moses and the Israelites escaped the plagues, the curses, the drownings and all the tribulation put upon Egypt. Remember what God did to Sodom and Gomorrah? Only Lot and his family were delivered from the fire and brimstone, the absolute destruction poured out upon them for their wickedness. It says in Isaiah that, “Except the LORD will cause to leave us a very small remnant, we would be like Sodom and Gomorrah.” That’s all been for an example to the ungodly who oppress God’s people and don’t reverence Him, as it is this day, the latter days, Judgment Day. It’s all written in the King James! From beginning to end. Check it out! It’s the all time best seller and the riches contained in it are beyond measure. It also provides the only escape from the wrath poured out upon the wicked.

God delivered Israel by the hand of Moses from the Egyptian oppressor (Gen 15:4 KJV)
Pharaoh and his whole army were drowned in the sea in their pursuit of Israel
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