Memorial Day – Something to Remember

The meaning of “Memorial Day” is answered in this way: “An American holiday, observed on the last Monday of May, honoring the men and women who died while serving in the U.S. military.”

Many of these men and women who serve are dying because of military mandated drugs known to cause Neurotoxicity, violent rages and brain damage!

Remember the Afghanistan massacre?  Did Lariam play a role?

Mark Benjamin (2012)– an investigative reporter, points to the dangers of Mefloquin, also known as Lariam. Some side effects include: severe anxiety, paranoia (feelings of mistrust towards others), hallucinations (seeing or hearing things that are not there), depression, feeling restless, unusual behavior, feeling confused, psychotic behavior, hallucinations, suicidal and murderous rampages.  Is this the appropriate mental state for anyone to be put into? Especially someone with a gun?

Memorial Day casualty
Robert Bales – drugged soldier

In March 2012 Robert Bales went on a shooting rampage killing 17 Afghan civilians.  The army refused to confirm that Bales did take Mefloquine, but 9 days after this rampage, the Pentagon issued an emergency review of Mefloquine.  The connection has since been made, it has been confirmed that Bales was taking the drug at the time of this massacre.  This drug crosses the blood brain barrier and causes serious irreversible damage. Lariam causes toxic brain injury. Psychiatric and neurological injury. The military has been dispensing the drug for over 20 years to individuals who are also given training on how to kill, and equipped them with many tools for killing.

Remember the CBS News Cast of January 2017- 60 Minutes – The Dark Side of Lariam

In 2003, 4 soldiers from Ft. Bragg were accused of killing their wives.  Two of the men committed suicide afterward.  Lariam is suspected as being the cause of these unfortunate crimes. How dangerous is it?

Remember Trump sat down with drug industry executives on Tuesday —January 31, 2017
Joe Jimenez, the CEO of Swiss pharmaceutical company Novartis AG, addresses a news conference to present the company's 2016 results in Basel, Switzerland January 25, 2017. REUTERS/Arnd Wiegmann
Joe Jimenez, CEO of Novartis AG

Apparently, the $1.2 million dollars paid by Novartis to Trump’s attorney Michael Cohen did provide some results. Novartis CEO to meet Trump

Memorial Day colusion
Trump lawyer Michael Cohen and President Trump

Novartis – Cohen – payment Novartis now acknowledges that it paid Cohen’s consulting firm a total of $1.2 million, as part of a one-year agreement that the Swiss drug giant entered into in February 2017, just after Trump was sworn in. It’s not clear what sort of service Cohen—who, to the best of anyone’s knowledge, has had zero experience or expertise in the pharmaceutical trade—offered in return for all this cash. But it’s hard not to jump to the most straightforward conclusion: Cohen’s one and seemingly only “asset” to offer Novartis was the President’s receptive ear.

Remember Novartis lawyer stepped down over payments to Trump lawyer Michael Cohen
Novartis Lawyer
Felix Ehrat – Novartis lawyer

In a report that Michael Cohen received 1.2 million dollars from drug maker Novartis, it is stated that this payment was for access and insight into the Trump administration.  Why would drug companies spend millions of dollars for access to lawmakers and politicians?  The only logical conclusion is that lobbying groups such as Pharma use their financial influence to control politicians.  The only focus is the bottom line. Feliz Ehrat steps down over payment to Cohen

Thousands of men, women and their families have had their entire lives destroyed.  Who benefits from these drugs?  Multi-million dollar corporations influence politicians to stop policies that would protect the troops from irreparable neurological toxicity as has become evident in the past few days.

This Memorial Day – Let’s bring to your memory the unfortunate fate of all families affected by drug companies which continue to infect the young military minds with poison to increase profits. This could also answer the question as why there is so much violence in America!

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