Debunking the Devil

Fall of LuciferThe words devil, satan, and demons are found throughout God’s Word.  All these names conjure up vivid images of a red creature with horns and a tail.  However, the translation of these words will paint a much clearer picture of the entities addressed.

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Prophecy Weekly: January 7-13, 2018

Prophecy Weekly HeaderIn this week’s Prophecy Weekly, weather disasters started off with deadly mudslides in the US and a 7.6 earthquake in Honduras.  Meanwhile, protests continued in Sudan and started up in Tunisia, Pakistan and South America.

In news regarding false prophets, the “Pope” contradicted his “Zero Tolerance” claim with a letter regarding sex abusers.  They say one thing while doing another.  Besides that, new allegations were made against an Archbishop in Guam.   Five Church’s were attacked in South America and one was destroyed in China.  These buildings are not where you will find God.

The US has been determined to be one of the most dangerous places to have a baby.  Why?  Click on each box below to learn more!