Mass Graves Uncovered

A ‘mass grave’ is a grave that contains multiple human corpses, which may or may not be identified prior to burial. Several mass graves of unidentified corpses have been uncovered recently that the makers thereof would prefer to stay buried. These are from different continents, but the perpetrators have everything in common.

Mass Grave Uncovered in Canada

5/29/21 – KAMLOOPS, British Columbia — A mass grave containing the remains of 215 children, some as young as 3 years old, has been found on the site of what was once Canada’s largest Indigenous residential school. The school is one of the institutions that held Indigenous children taken from families across the nation.

From the 19th century until the 1970s, more than 150,000 First Nations children were required to attend state-funded Catholic schools as part of a program to assimilate them into Canadian society. They were forced to convert to ‘Christianity’ and not allowed to speak their native languages. Many were beaten and verbally abused, and up to 6,000 are said to have died.

The Canadian government apologized in Parliament in 2008 and admitted that physical and sexual abuse in the schools was rampant. A report more than five years ago by a Truth and Reconciliation Commission said at least 3,200 children had died amid abuse and neglect.

Indigenous children in the care of Roman Catholic nuns found in mass graves

British Columbia Premier John Horgan said he was “horrified and heartbroken” to learn of the discovery, calling it a tragedy of “unimaginable proportions” that highlights the violence and consequences of the residential school system.

The Kamloops school operated between 1890 and 1969, when the federal government took over operations from the Roman Catholic Church and operated it as a day school until it closed in 1978.

“All true civilization must be based on moral law, which Christian religion alone can give. Pagan superstition could not suffice … to make the Indians practice the virtues of our civilization and avoid its attendant vices. Several people have desired us to countenance the dances of the Indians and to observe their festivals; but their habits, being the result of free and easy mode of life, cannot conform to the intense struggle for life which our social conditions require.”

Memorandum of the Convention of Catholic Principals, 1924

Mass Grave Uncovered in Tuam, Ireland

1/13/21 – DUBLIN (Reuters) – A mass grave containing the remains of babies and young children has been discovered at a former Roman Catholic orphanage in Ireland. Government-appointed investigators announced Friday in a finding that confirmed a local historian’s efforts to trace the fates of 800 children who perished at the facility. The site of the grave happens to be a septic tank.

Children in the care of Roman Catholic nuns found in mass graves in Ireland

Relatives say the babies were mistreated because they were born to unwed mothers who, like their children, were seen as a stain on Ireland’s image as a devout Roman Catholic nation.

Mass Graves at The Magdalene Laundries

The Magdalene Laundries (named for the companion and wife of Jesus) in Ireland, also known as Magdalene asylums, were institutions run by Roman Catholic orders, which operated from the 18th to the late 20th centuries. They were run ostensibly to house “fallen women”, an estimated 30,000 of whom were confined in these institutions in Ireland. In 1993, a mass grave containing 155 corpses was uncovered in the convent grounds of one of the laundries. This led to media revelations about the operations of the secretive institutions. A formal state apology was issued in 2013, and a £50 million compensation scheme for survivors was set up by the Irish Government. The Roman Catholic orders declined to participate in any kind of reparations.

Women slaving in Magdalene Laundries

Ireland’s Magdalene laundries were quietly supported by the state and operated by religious communities for more than two hundred years.

In Dublin in 1993, the Sisters of Our Lady of Charity had lost money in share dealings on the stock exchange. To cover their losses, they sold part of the land in their convent to a property developer. This led to the discovery of 133 corpses in a mass grave. In all, 155 corpses were exhumed and cremated.

Home for Unwed Mothers

1/12/21 – A damning report reveals 9,000 children died in Ireland’s brutal homes for unmarried mothers and babies run by the Roman Catholic Church in the 20th century.

In total, 15 percent of the 57,000 children at the 18 institutions investigated by the Mother and Baby Home Commission died between 1922 and 1998. That is over eight and a half thousand children. The report published yesterday said the women faced appalling emotional torment at the hands of the nuns – forced to work scrubbing floors while being called ‘fallen,’ ‘sinner’, ‘dirt’ and ‘spawn of Satan’. They were mercilessly tortured!

‘Well it’s our holocaust isn’t it? They had the holocaust in Germany but the mother and baby homes were our holocaust’

Survivor Carmel Larkin from Tuam

Following Irish independence in 1922, there were 10 Magdalene laundries throughout the country run by the 4 Catholic orders. They operated with quiet support from the state and even received lucrative laundry contracts from the army and other government departments.

5/21/21 ICC asked to investigate mother and baby homes and Magdalene Laundries – The ICC investigates and tries individuals charged with crimes of concern to the international community, such as genocide, war crimes, and crimes against humanity.

Judgment Pronounced

“But if you have respect to persons, you commit sin, and are convicted of the law as transgressors. For whosoever shall keep the whole law, and yet offend in one point, he is guilty of all. For He that said, ‘Do not commit adultery’, said also, ‘Do not kill’. Now if you commit no adultery, yet if you kill, you have become a transgressor of the law.

So speak ye, and so do, as they that shall be judged by the law of liberty. For he shall have judgment without mercy, that has shown no mercy…”

Epistle of James 2:9-13

The Word of the LORD against Babylon

“Come down, and sit in the dust, O virgin daughter of Babylon, sit on the ground: there is no throne, O daughter of the Chaldeans: for you shall no more be called tender and delicate. Your nakedness shall be uncovered, yes, your shame shall be seen: I will take vengeance, and I will not meet you as a man.

As for our redeemer, the Lord of hosts is his Name, the Holy One of Israel.

You sit silent and get into darkness, O daughter of the Chaldeans: for you shall no more be called, ‘The lady of kingdoms.’

I was wroth with My people, I have polluted/defiled My heritage and given them into your hand: you did show them no mercy; from old times, you have very heavily laid your yoke…”

Isaiah 47:1-9
Babylon Chaldean
Emblem of the Babylonian-Chaldean priests

Shame Discovered

“You have trusted in your wickedness: you have said, ‘No one sees me.’ Your wisdom and your knowledge, it has perverted you; and you have said in your heart, ‘I am, and none else are beside me.’

Therefore evil shall come upon you; you shall not know from where it rises: and mischief shall fall upon you; you shall not be able to put it off: and desolation shall come upon you suddenly, which you shall not know. Stand now with your enchantments, and with the multitude of your sorceries, wherein you have labored from your youth; if so be you shall be able to profit, if so be you may prevail.

You are wearied in the multitude of your counsels. Let now the astrologers, the stargazers, the monthly prognosticators, stand up, and save you from these things that shall come upon you. Behold, they shall be as stubble; the fire shall burn them; they shall not deliver themselves from the power of the flame: there shall not be a coal to warm at, nor fire to sit before it. Thus shall they be to you with whom you have labored, even your merchants, from your youth: they shall wander every one to his quarter; none shall save you.”

Isa 47:10-15

Babylon the Great, Mother of Harlots

“There came one of the angels saying to me, ‘Come here; I will show unto you the judgment of the great whore that sits upon many waters: With whom the kings of the earth have committed fornication, and the inhabitants of the earth have been made drunk with the wine of her fornication/idolatry.

So he carried me away in the spirit into the wilderness: and I saw a woman sit upon a scarlet colored [blood stained] beast, full of names of blasphemy, having seven heads and ten horns. And the woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet color, and decked with gold and precious stones and pearls, having a golden cup in her hand full of abominations and filthiness of her fornication. Upon her forehead was a name written, MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH. And I saw the woman drunken with the blood of the saints, and with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus: and when I saw her, I wondered with great admiration…”

The Revelation of Jesus Christ 17:1-6

Babylon is Fallen, is Fallen

“I saw another angel come down from heaven, having great power; and the earth was lightened with his glory. And he cried mightily with a strong voice, saying, ‘Babylon the great is fallen, is fallen, and is become the habitation of demons, and the hold of every foul spirit, and a cage of every unclean and hateful bird.

For all nations have drunk of the wine of the wrath of her fornication, and the kings of the earth have committed fornication with her, and the merchants of the earth are waxed/become rich through the abundance of her delicacies.”

“And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, ‘Come out of her, my people, that you be not partakers of her sins and that you receive not of her plagues. For her sins have reached unto heaven, and God has remembered her iniquities. …in the cup which she has filled fill to her double. How much she has glorified herself, and lived deliciously, so much torment and sorrow give her: for she says in her heart, I sit a queen, and am no widow, and shall see no sorrow. Therefore her plagues shall come in one day, death, and mourning, and famine; and she shall be utterly burned with fire: for strong is the Lord God who judges her.’”

The Revelation of Jesus Christ 18:1-8

Blood of all the slain…

“The light of a candle shall shine no more at all in you; and the voice of the bridegroom and of the bride shall be heard no more at all in you: for your merchants were the great men of the earth; and by your sorceries/pharmacia were all nations deceived.

In her is found the blood of prophets, and of holy ones, and of all that were slain upon the earth.”

The Revelation of Jesus Christ 18:23-24

That Great and Dreadful Day of the Lord is here! A Day of Judgment and inquisition for the wicked. A day of rest for the Righteous.

“And many of them that sleep in the dust of the earth shall awake, some to everlasting life and some to shame and everlasting contempt.”

Daniel 12:1-3
Mystery Babylon, Mother of Harlots

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