Pope’s Hypocrisy – This Month

For the pontifex, this month has been a doozie.  Three incidents highlight the hypocrisy of the Vatican on the World stage.

Wealth of Catholic Inc. in Australia, Insurers Pay Abused

Church WealthOne of the first detailed investigations into the overall wealth of the Catholic church has just been completed in Australia.  The conservative estimate values the Church in Australia alone at a whopping $30 Billion.  Yes, Billion with a B.  At the same time, Francis came out asking for retired prelates to live more simply and to shun power.  $30Billion dollars buys a lot of power.  The pontifex has asked US donors for $25 Million to back a loan for a scandal-plagued hospital in Rome.  The donors should tell Francis to pay for it himself!  If the church is worth $30 Billion in Australia, how much is it worth in the rest of the world?!

In Australia, the church property assets are kept in a trust which has immunity from any legal action against it.  This arrangement has prevented victims that sue the church from gaining compensation.  If and when victims are paid, the church actually has insurance to use towards the payouts.  So some of these payments are not even coming out of their own pockets!  One such insurer in Ontario, Canada is asking for $10 Million back because the diocese knew about the predator priest, but didn’t stop additional abuses from occurring.  Wherever you turn there is a financial scandal or a sex-abuse scandal in this organization that claims to be righteous and represents God.  Talk about hypocrisy!

Lapse of Abuse Commission

Speaking of abuse victims, three years ago, Francis set up an internal Abuse Commission to address the sex-abuse scandal.  After three years of infighting and no progress, the commission was allowed to lapse in December of last year.  Not until the Vatican received criticism for how it has handled the abuse scandal in Chile, did the pontifex re-instate the commission.  Francis says he has a “zero-tolerance” policy, but this hypocrisy shines a light on his lack of action behind those words.

Pledge Obedience to Pope

The pontifex has been in an ongoing battle with priests in Nigeria.  The bishop appointed by the Vatican was not accepted locally because he is from a different region.  After years of in-fighting, the bishop submitted his resignation this month, which Francis accepted to close the impasse.  This is after Francis wrote to the priests in  June of 2017 with an ultimatum to get in line or get out.  He wrote, “I think that, in this case, we are not dealing with tribalism, but with an attempted taking of the vineyard of the Lord”.  The pontifex is not aware that the vineyard of the Lord is not full of pedophiles, idol-worshippers that break God’s Commandments on a daily basis!

Prostating to PopeFrancis requested that each priest write him a letter that “must clearly manifest total obedience to the pope” or else he was going to remove them from their ecumenical duties.  In other words, the pontifex wants them to make an oath to put the pope above all else.  This is nothing new in the Catholic Church.  When priests and bishops are ordained, they prostrate themselves before an altar and a senior in the church hierarchy.  God is above all things, not the Pontifex!  This is a blatant violation of God’s Word.

“But above all things, my brethren, swear not, neither by heaven, neither by the earth, neither by any other oath: but let your yea be yea; and your nay, nay; lest you fall into condemnation.” James 5:12

Long ago during the time of Enoch, a “fallen angel” Samyaza also asked for the complete obedience of his followers.  He elevated himself above God just like the pontifex does today.  The pontifex is full of hypocrisy and you should stay far away from this entire organization.

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