O Christmas Tree, Idolatree

Most people probably wouldn’t associate a Christmas Tree with idolatry. But God’s Word commands against this ancient custom of vanity and idolatry.

“The modern Christmas tree is frequently traced to the symbolism of trees in pre-Christian winter rites, wherein Viking and Saxon worshiped trees.”  BBC Religion and Ethics

American Idolatree
White House Tree – Following pagan ways!

These Vikings and Saxons (Isaac’s sons) are of those Ten Lost Tribes of Israel. Assyria took Israel captive around 722 BCE. They’ve been following pagan worship practices ever since. The reason they suffered this malady was for their idolatry and it continues to this day.

“The use of evergreen trees, wreaths and garlands to symbolize eternal life was a custom of the ancient Egyptians and Hebrews. Tree worship was common among the pagan Europeans and survived their conversion to Christianity in the Scandinavian customs…” Encyclopedia Britannica

The Lost Sheep of the House of Israel

Scripture says God’s people have gone astray like sheep. Their shepherds have caused them to go astray.  Jesus was sent to none other but the Lost Sheep of the House of Israel. He sent the Apostles out to find them and teach them in their time.

Israel in Egypt

At the Exodus of Israel out of Egypt, God told them not to go in the ways of the people round about them, specifically the Egyptians and the Canaanites. Generation after generation has forgotten this message. Their traditions make void the Word of God.  So here is a timely reminder of what God’s Word says about the Christmas Tree:

O Christmas Tree, Idolatree

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